Hi! So glad you found my blog!

I'm Maggie, living in the Netherlands (but working on moving to the Caribean), happily married, mother of three grown-up girls. I love to garden, knit, travel, write and take pictures. Among other things.

Please be patient with me if I mix up words or spelling. English is not my native language ;-)

Oh my, what can I tell you about my blogging. It's all over the place, I'm sometimes completely fed up with it, but I always seem to get back to it after a while. I started blogging in Dutch in 2001 and have been on and off ever since.
I started my first English blog in 2006, inspired by crafty bloggers like Soulemama. You'll find my archives are a little messy, since I've been deleting and restoring my blog a few times.

I learned how to knit when I was eight and hated it. Tried it again when I was pregnant the first time (I was 19 and pregnant with twins) but that didn't work out too well. I knit a few things for my girls (had another girl 19 months later) but never really loved it. I now think it was the lack of someone to share my love of being creative with. The only people that I knew were knitting were very old-fashioned about it. Following rules and patterns precisely, no real creativity. That was not the way I liked to do it, but I felt like I should and slowly lost interest.
I think my real love for knitting started when I found Craftster in 2005. I learned to wing it and that was what it took.

I guess my sewing had the same problem. Patterns, measurements, having to be very precise. It was Craftster again that learned me there was another way. I love sewing bags from scratch and making simple quilts. I'd love to make my own clothes, but I'm not sure I ever will.

I love taking pictures and I sometimes wish I had time and money to invest to become more professional. Maybe someday. For now I enjoy showing my photos on the blog. I use a Canon Rebel T3 and a Canon Ixus 105. (affiliate links used) For editing I use Gimp.

Affiliate links
How wonderful would it be to make money with things I love to do? I think that would be great! So I throw in an occasional affiliate link and hope for the best. If you click on my links and actually buy something, I earn a small percentage at no additional cost to you.
So far it's not working really great ;-) But who knows, maybe someday...

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