Monday, March 15, 2021

Right now


Right now I am...

:: feeling a bit restless. So much to do today, so little time.

:: nursing an ear infection. Hoping this one won't rip my eardrum like the last time it got this bad. It's my other ear now and I fear my hearing will suffer.

:: looking back at a wonderful weekend anyway. We rested, T. had some computer work to do (big new client), I worked in the garden (I'll show you later in the week) and it was all good.

:: wondering why I didn't take any pictures except for the sunsets. Oh well. 

:: looking forward to this morning. My daughter and her twin sister will be at the brides shop to pick out her wedding dress. My other daughter and I will be watching through a video call. Covid restrictions don't allow more than two clients in a shop. But this will have to do.

:: hoping to get some work done after that.

:: telling myself that the garden can wait another day. Or two (need to go grocery shopping tomorrow).

:: trying to be gentle to myself. Why is that so hard?

:: wishing you all a great week. Bon siman!


  1. praying that your ear infection goes away, that is dreadful. Oh a wedding! how delightful, congrats!

    1. Thank you! Yes, a wedding. It will be in September. Fingers crossed we'll be able to travel then...

  2. Prayers that your ear heals quickly! And prayers for the bride to be to find that dress!!!

    1. Thank you! And yes, she found her dress. So beautiful!

  3. i hope your ear is starting to feel better.
    and i love your sunset pictures!! i have friends who visited curacoa last week - and they brought me a coffee mug with dutch blue palm trees painted on it. :)