Thursday, March 18, 2021

In my garden

I almost didn't post this picture. I found it a bit disappointing and not just because the resized picture is kind of blurry (the original isn't). I have this vision in my head of how it will look someday, but you have to have a strong imagination to actually see it, I guess. But it will be nice to see the progress, so here we go. There will be paths around this part of the garden with that white gravel you can see by the house. I'm planting trees (mostly fruit trees) and I will add bushes and herbs when those are settled.

I planted this guave yesterday. I got it from the supermarket.

This is soursop. I grew a few of these from seed. These one looked the strongest, so I hope it will catch on. 
I also planted a Flor de Jamaica yesterday (from the supermarket), but the picture was blurry.
I hope to get back into the garden today to plant some more. I still have pomegranate and avocado that need to go into the ground. Oh, and "bonchi kabai" too.

Another coconut palm that we grew from scratch. I'll have to show you how big the first one got. It still feels unreal to have these growing in our garden.

This papaya is a bit older. I grew it from seed last year and planted it in November. It is already bearing fruit. I can't wait till they're ready to eat!

Meanwhile, at the other side of the house, Poes is sleeping on top of my mint. Oh well, it wasn't really catching on anyway. It is strange though, at the other side of this raised bed I'm growing catnip, but he never even looks at it...


  1. How sweet is that little bit! I guess he really likes mint!

  2. gorgeous new beginnings as we approach spring!!

  3. My parents' cat LOVES mint. She gets crazy if someone chew mint gum or has just brushed their teeth. Catnip is not that interesting, but MINT?!? ;)