Tuesday, March 16, 2021

A tiny bit of knitting


(linking up with Chris' Tuesday To Do)

I guess it's quite fitting for my crafting these days that I thought I had taken a picture of my knitting and then it seems I didn't. It wasn't on my camera and I hadn't deleted old pictures yet. Weird. So, this is what you get. A not so great picture, since the sun is not completely up yet and it's raining too...

Anyway, it is fitting, since this is what I've been doing this week. Knitting round and round, hoping for the blue to change into a happier color (and dreading the pink, since that's not really my favorite color). Not knitting as much as I hoped either. But it is always within reach. That's a start.

I'm experimenting with knitting a bag without a pattern, but I'm not sure where I'm going with this prototype. It is wonderful comfort knitting though and I guess I will find some use for it eventually, so I'll just keep going.

Last weeks list:

- Julia directed me to this cardigan and I think I'd like to make it. Perfect for the colder evenings (I know you're laughing, but goodness, I've been so cold this "winter". Only 75 Fahrenheit/24 Celsius most nights) - still need to print that pattern and cast on for it

- I also have an idea for a simpler project that I can just wing without too much thinking (because a. I knit mostly at night, when I can't read a pattern and b. I'm just so tired most of the time). Going to try that and I'll show you next week (or not if it fails) - as seen above. Knitting on, but not really sure where I'm going

- stop myself from getting overly enthusiastic. Startitis has not helped my knitting mojo these past two years. Too overwhelming, I guess. One big project and one easy project should be enough for now. But that doesn't mean I can't make plans... ;-) - Um, yeah. Knitting mojo is disappearing again, even without startitis. But I'll try to hang on. I missed it too much.

This weeks list:

- print that pattern and cast on for that cardigan

- keep knitting that bag

- find time to sew (I need dresses and/or skirts badly)


  1. Hi,
    Good luck with your knitting...love the colors in your
    bag...so pretty. Have a great day!

  2. It will come along, you have the knitting skills to make it work. Good luck with your list! Thanks for linking up today

  3. knitting without a pattern I think would be fun and freeing. Can't make mistakes right? I love the colors!!

  4. Hi Maggie,
    ...I like a good bit of simple knitting to work on while I'm watching tv...yours looks perfect...and the variegated yarn is very pretty...I like that cardigan too...
    ~Have a lovely day!