Monday, April 20, 2020

DITL :: look what he built!

Last Friday I didn't know yet that I'd decide to keep doing the day in the life blogs, but to do combine Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for a Monday post and do Monday through Thursday on Friday (um, does that make sense to you? - doesn't matter, it does to me). So I didn't really take pictures of what I was doing, except for this one of me grating ginger. I'm trying to make ginger oil.

On Saturday, I spent a bit of time in the garden, but I had a headache (again!), so I mostly sat in the shadow and read (an Agatha Christie novel - The Pale Horse) and we had this beautiful sunset.

On Sunday we had a lot of visitors. Of the iguana kind, that is. I guess they're hungry (it's been dry for a while) because they're coming closer and closer, hoping to find some greens.

I spent a lot of time with this book lately. It's about the medicinal herbs that grow or are widely available on CuraƧao. Very interesting, though I wish it had better pictures and/or drawings of the plants. I don't think I can identify them with the information in this book. But we'll see if the internet can help with that. I was planning on visiting her garden (where she grows most of the herbs and trees she mentions), but it's closed because of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, T. got busy with scrap wood (beams from the rotting balcony we removed and ceiling panels that used to be in the kitchen) and built me this planter table. Isn't it great? He even added some protection. The birds seem to love some of my seeds.

And then he was on a roll and built me two other ones that fit exactly under the windows in the kitchen. We were out of screen material, so no protection here. You can vaguely see the plastic bottle I used instead. In the other planter, I started aubergine from the fruit and turmeric and ginger from the roots.

Loved the meal I made (I don't always do). This was minced meat, a yellow onion, a leek, a zucchini and a little can of small red beans. I added shredded turmeric and black pepper for taste.

Sunset. My camera didn't really catch the colors again. It was a much deeper red.

A bit of knitting to end my day. The shawl is going slowly, but it is growing.

How was your weekend?


  1. Slow and lonely. We are finally seeing some warmer temps, so today I plan to get outside! Yesterday I sat for a bit in the sun and it was nice.

  2. wow you guys have been busy!! My weekend was nice and relaxing (almost every day is!) I'm trying to be more productive with my time and it seems to be working.