Saturday, April 4, 2020

DITL :: 4.3.2020

Good morning! Yes. Every. Single. Day. It's sweet, but I wish he'd learn to retract his nails...

I had an off day. It took me hours and hours to work through my normal bookkeeping chores. I was not interested in the news either, though I did watch the daily press conference to check if there were any new infections or any new rules. There weren't, so that's good. They presented a plan to help people who are financially struggling because of the lockdown, but The Netherlands still has to approve it and find the money for it, so it's all pretty unsure. I do think it's good that they informed people that they are working on it though.

After I finally finished the bookkeeping, I shut down my computer and watched this troepiaal feeding on bugs for fifteen minutes. Way more interesting than the news and social media.

I started in this book. It's a Vatican Thrillers (don't know if that's a real genre, but that's how we call it). I'm not really hooked yet, but I kept reading while T. did a virtual happy hour with some friends we normally meet in person on Friday.

I didn't feel like company and talking, so I stuck with my book and this chuchubi that wanted his part of the bugs.

Sunset. A bit less red than yesterday, but still rather red. I read that usually has something to do with dust particles in the air.

We did bbq for dinner, so all I had to do in the kitchen is making a simple salad. Cucumber, tomato, red onion, iceberg lettuce, a bit of vinegar and a bit of mayonnaise.

Yes, he's eating lettuce. He loves it and even begs for it. Granted, he also gets chicken when we do a bbq, but he really wants the lettuce too. Silly cat.


  1. I am so glad that people are getting financial help, too - they are getting it here as well, and it's so important.
    I love the salad you made!! Our cats never really cared for it, but my parents' cat goes wild for boiled (or jacked) potatoes. Crazy animals ... ;)
    I hope the new book will grow on you soon!

  2. My dogs are a lot more discerning when it comes to people food. If it's a veggie is a no-no. LOL

  3. he is a cutie!! Love the bird photos that you are witnessing. I can't see any close up since our trees are so far away!