This weekend was filled with talking. Some inspiring, some tiring, as it goes.
But now I feel like being silent. So here's another non-post (sorry, I will snap out of this soon).
I did want to share the beautiful full moon and the pink sunrise clouds that we had earlier this morning with you though.

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. These are beautiful photographs! I have these "cocoon" days as well, when you just don't want to talk because you have to recharge your battery (I had this yesterday, because we went to a family gathering on Saturday, it was nice, but MAN). Have a wonderful week!

  2. beautiful photo and it's a post to me :)

  3. Silence has its moments, go with the mood and don't stress about posting. Life waxes and wanes, we just need to be attuned to what our soul needs at these times.


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