Monday, March 16, 2020


I still don't really feel like blogging, but I thought I'd do a little update today.

:: I'm not knitting at all lately. This cat of ours had decided he wants to be on my lap early in the morning and evening (my usual knitting time) and he doesn't want to share. He's sort of okay with the laptop, but typing is kind of hard like this.

:: Well, it's not all his fault. I'm reading and studying a lot too. This morning I found out that the CuraƧao government finally decided to issue summaries of press conferences in Spanish, English, and Dutch. That's such a relief.
I was panicking a bit because everything was in Papiamentu and though I can get the drift of things I don't really get the details yet. Don't judge, I am aware that one needs to learn the language of the country where one is living. I started, but lots of things happened in the past two years that took too much headspace, so I didn't get far. Also, up until now the government's main communicating was in Dutch, so there was no real rush to learn.
I'm so happy that they realized not everybody understands Papiamentu. Still, I felt so left out and alien that I decided to dive into Papiamentu right now. I want to understand what they say first hand.

:: We have three confirmed cases of Corona here. That's not much, I know, but we have only 160.000 people. And I'm guessing it's just starting. I hear so many people coughing and sneezing. Hygiene is not a really big thing here and that first case arrived on the 5th on a plane with 400 other people that spread all over the island.
Right now they closed borders for Europe (The Netherlands mostly) and are working hard to get the European tourists off the island. Schools will be closed tomorrow (but not for grade 8 and high school last year classes). I suspect more will follow.
There is another press conference this morning. We'll see what they've decided now. I suspect closing the borders for the America's too since that's what Aruba has done already.

:: In The Netherlands things are getting out of hand. I try not to worry too much since there's nothing I can do, but almost everyone in my family has a higher risk background. My parents the most of course (age and underlying decease), but there are also a lot of asthmatic and heart issues among my children, siblings and their partners. I just hope they keep themselves safe.

:: We still feel fine, though T. is worried that his coughing might be it. I'm not sure, he's a smoker and he coughs a lot anyway. I started trying to boost our immune systems weeks ago, so I hope that helps to keep it away, or to at least have only a mild case. I'm not sure we can prevent getting it, we might have been infected already (we've been to happy hours and gatherings before there was a confirmed case).

:: I decided to try and stop checking the news as often as I've done the past week. Not healthy. I'm going to focus on work, my garden, my house, my studies and hopefully a bit of knitting and sewing. I think I will start blogging regularly again when I have something to show for it, or when I find some normal in this new crazy situation.

Wishing you all the best. Keep safe!


  1. I totally agree with the news thing - don't do it too often, you can drive yourself crazy. Our main new programm (Tagesschau) runs a daily live ticker, and I don't try to keep up anymore, I'll go nuts.

    I think it's great that you want to learn the language, and you might have the time now, that is cool! Maybe this is a chance for a lot of us to try our different things at home (if we can stay home). I have started to try out watercolours for a bit, it's fun.
    Give the kitty an extra scritch from me, he's so cute! You'll get back to crafting when the time comes. Stay safe!

  2. My perspective is this, if you aren't checking a daily ticker of people dying from car accidents, if you don't check daily to see who dies of other causes, then don't follow this death count. We cannot isolate ourselves from every cause of death, we can only use precautions to minimize exposure. Just do what you need to feed your soul every day, read, knit, sew, love and live.

  3. stay safe and say hello to your sweet kitty! The knitting will always be there.