Knitting and reading

After that case of startitis my knitting came to a full stop. Not immediately, but that shawl I was trying to make... didn't work out. Also, I started to doubt if I really wanted to make a bikini coverup. Wouldn't it be better to make a cardigan with that yarn?
And then I started a baby hat for a baby shower that will be held this Saturday. How simple is that? Well, I blame the yarn, but it can also be my sluggish knitting, but I was almost done when I noticed it just wasn't something I'd want to give as a present. So I started again with a different yarn. I'm not really motivated to finish it though. Those double pointed needles are not really my favorite way to knit (but my circulars are too long). Maybe I should just let it go. I need to buy a present anyway because I just don't have time to make more than just that little hat. It's a really cute pattern though.

My lack of motivation for knitting may also have something to do with my reading. I've been reading so much lately! I have a small collection of books about Curacao (history most) or set in Curacao and once I started reading one of them, I couldn't stop myself and had to read them all. It took some time, but I love knowing more about the island (I will probably pop into a thrift store to find more books like this today).
And then I found the book on the right. It's in Dutch, but the title translates as "Secret Medicine of the Gypsies". It's written by Pierre Delon. My goodness. His writing is... well, different, but it's so interesting. Reading this book stirred up my latent, but always strong interest in herbal medicine, so next thing I knew, I was downloading books about that on my e-reader. Starting with the classic: Culpeper's Herbal. I can't believe I never read that one before. And then 20 more modern books. I'm enjoying working my way through The Natural First Aid Handbook (thinking about buying a paper version for reference). And then there are so many more interesting books. I think I also have brought one home with me from that book market I visited a few times (as I said, latent, but strong), so I'll have to dig that up.And I'm waiting for this book to arrive, but that will take some time (Amazon takes about a month to get thing here, and then it needs to go through customs. I ordered it two weeks ago, it will probably arrive mid-April.)

Oh well, I won't be bored soon, that's for sure.

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  1. My knitting has taken a hit with all the sewing, but I just cast off a cowl the other night and I'm ready to cast on another shawl to cowl modification. I just can't decide which pattern and which yarn!!!

    1. Ah, knitter's problems. So many options. Good luck deciding ;-)


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