Thursday, February 13, 2020

Three things that make me happy

(continuing this series, because focusing on what makes me happy is always the right choice)

1. being bitten by the knitting bug again.
I'm almost done with the Current Cowl and I'm about to give in to a serious case of startitis. Fun!

2. seeing T. being all excited about the new business he's starting.
He's always been very interested in solar installations. Reading about them, contemplating installations and working out the kinks has always been a hobby of sorts for him.
We had solar panels in The Netherlands for years and we have them here too. We're even still off-grid here and though we'd like to be connected to the net for back-up power, recent islandwide outages have made us think we'd better invest in more solar panels and batteries. A lot of people we know are also very interested now (these outages last whole days!), so he decided now was probably the right time to start selling and installing off-grid solar installations. We'll see how it goes.

3. looking forward to a shift in my workload.
That new business means there will be more administrative work to do for me (I already do all the bookkeeping and taxes and other occurring tasks for T.'s other businesses).
I've felt overwhelmed by work for a while now. Sometimes it's slow, but when it rains, it pours. I often feel like I don't have any time and/or energy left for household tasks and gardening, let alone writing books or sewing and things like that. And, to top it all off, it doesn't pay very well (an hourly rate that is so low that I could never make a living out of it).
So we talked it over and decided that I'll quit (or at least pause) the editing work I do for my publisher. If our new business is a success that won't necessarily mean less work, but there will be fewer deadlines and it will mean work that is easier for me to plan and shift around.
Of course, taxes do have deadlines, but I won't have to wait for others to decide when those will be (taxes have fixed deadlines) and I also don't have to wait for others to do their jobs. No emailing back and forth with the publisher, authors, and graphic designers will save me such a lot of time (and stress)!
I will have to finish the editing jobs I already accepted though. One down, two to go.
Oh, the things I plan to do when I'm done!

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  1. Time is certainly our most treasured commodity, isn't it?! Solar sounds like a wise business venture there...and it sounds like good timing to start up the biz. Good luck! I hope it brings all good things.

  2. Good luck with the new venture!! I am sure the outages will be a good selling point to drum up business! Can't wait to see you Current Cowl done!

    1. Thanks! Yes, they are!
      I'll show and tell next week.

  3. All very exciting things! Love the knitting and wish you both the best in your new careers. Happy Knitting!!

    1. Yes, very exiting, but it also feels like the right thing to do. Thank you!