Friday, February 7, 2020

Postcards from Klein Curaçao

Klein (Dutch for little) Curaçao is a tiny island east of Curaçao. It's symbolized by the smaller star in the flag.
Even though people always say going on a boat trip there is one of the things one should do when on Curaçao, we never did it. Until a few weeks ago. We took D. there and we had a wonderful day. We spent most of that day on the beach, just relaxing.
You know what was one of the best things about being on a small island? I couldn't get off when I was done sitting and doing nothing, so I had to continue relaxing until it was time to go home. ;-)


  1. Gorgeous photos!! Makes me want to go to a tropical island, even though I hate heat and sweating! LOL

    1. Thank you! January and february are the coolest months, so if you ever want to visit, that's the best time. Cool means 84 F during the day and 77 F during the night though ;-)