Monday, February 24, 2020

Kitchen notes

I really want to be more mindful of what I eat and what I cook. And since traditional journaling doesn't work for me (never has), but blogging certainly does, I thought I'd take pictures in my kitchen every day (or so) and share kitchen notes regularly.

So here's what's been going on in my kitchen lately:

:: I have been making salads and experimenting with new (to me), different ingredients (beets!), but I could use more options.

:: I'm thinking about trying this recipe (or something similar, without the cheese)

:: I did some experimenting with arepas (cornbread).
* Baking them in the oven instead of in a frying pan works (just turn them once after ten minutes).
* Adding oil to the dough instead of baking them in a layer of oil doesn't work
* My first try to make sweet arepas (with cacao and sweetener) was a total miss. It hardly had any taste. Next time use more sweetener (or add banana?) and cacao

:: I'm thinking about adding spices, onions, mushrooms and maybe even a bit of bacon or ham to them so we can eat them as is something instead of using them as sandwiches

:: A few weeks ago I made this very simple dinner that tasted really great, so I'm writing it down to help me remember: 2 boneless chicken thighs, 1 small can of corn, 1 small can of peas, 1 larger can of lentils, fajita seasoning.

:: Last week I found myself preparing a lot of raw veggies for a beach bbq and ended up eating them myself at home

:: I wonder if I could prepare smaller portions like this for a few days ahead to help me eat healthier (I usually don't feel like cutting stuff when I'm hungry/craving, I just want to eat)

:: I'm thinking about meal planning a lot. I usually just buy a lot of staples and decide how to use them when it's time to cook, but I feel like I got stuck in eating the same things over and over. And that's not helping with the whole "don't snack between meals" thing (if I look forward to a meal, it's easier not to snack). There are also a lot of veggies in the supermarket that I don't have the faintest idea of what to do with, so I never buy them. And I tend to buy things and then forget about them. So yes, doing a little bit of meal planning might be nice.

Next week could look like this (though I might switch days here and there):

Monday: steak/ pointed cabbage something (I just realized I bought one last week and forgot about it) I'll probably combine it with minced meat, onions etc.

Tuesday: chicken, broccoli and probably some other canned veggies, rice (I have a bag of broccoli in the freezer, but it's a lot of stems and I don't like to eat those as a single vegetable)

Wednesday: Casabe with this corn/zucchini salad (sorry, Dutch recipe) and some meat (T. doesn't do vegetarian - maybe chicken or bacon in the salad?)

Thursday: BBQ (2 types of meat, corn, salad)

Friday: fries, snacks (I'd like to add a salad to this and maybe make sweet potato chips) - we eat this every week before we go out and meet friends at Happy Hour (you can get food there, but it's expensive and not quite tasty)

Saturday: easy meal (probably combining some meat and canned veggies into something edible, like the dish I described above)/ eat out

Sunday: BBQ (2 types of meat, corn, salad)

Well, let's see how it goes...

What's happening in your kitchen?


  1. Great meal ideas. I love it. Fun peek into your kitchen! See you again soon!

  2. thank you for the peek into your menu planning or thoughts of menu planning. I'm striving to eat a salad a day and once again I've given up processed sugar - I feel dreadful when I eat a treat!!

    1. Oh yes, giving up sugar is hard, but it does make a difference! I've been mostly off sugar for over 25 years and when I do eat it, it usually spirals down to a lot of problems.

  3. I have gotten in a rut and not been very adventurous lately. So maybe it's time to find new recipes and be more health conscious!

    1. That's exactly what's going on here. It's nice to have some meals you like and can make without thinking too much, but trying something new is fun too.