Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Beach party

Last Saturday we spent an afternoon on the beach with friends. We had a bbq, drinks and lots of fun. I know I sound like a broken record, but this is what makes life here on the island so great.

I love the fact that this whole thing was "planned" only a week in advance (which was actually rather early, usually it's just a few days). One couple brought up the idea and the location (San Juan beach - we'd never been there before) and asked who was coming, we made a bbq in the sand and everyone brought (way too much) food and drinks.

In Holland, it used to be so hard to plan a gathering with friends or family. You'd have to set a date weeks or even months in advance and it still would be hard to get everyone together in the same spot on the same date. It was often stressful to decide who to change the date for or not. Also, gathering inside most of the time, or in a (small - in The Netherlands we don't have that much room) garden, means you have to be careful about how many people are actually coming.

Here, gathering with friends is so simple and relaxed. And that makes it so much (more) fun!

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