Three things that make me happy today:

- my daughter visiting. It's so much fun to have her around (and she's staying for four weeks).

- work coming in. Yes, it makes me a little bit nervous to have a lot to do these months (need to learn to plan better), but I'm so very grateful that some writers even ask for me as an editor.

- my mother still going (relatively) strong. She's now planning for a little vacation in February.

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  1. Family & purpose...definitely things to be happy about! And what a fantastic picture you posted! Where is it?
    Enjoy your Daughter Time!!

    1. Thank you! That picture was taken in Pietermaai, a rather popular and upcoming part of Willemstad here on CuraƧao.

  2. Beautiful colors in that photo! Glad you have work and family. Happy New Year!

  3. So wonderful to have family around!! Enjoy all the days to come.

  4. I am so happy for you!!!! Have a fun time together.

  5. oh! i love that your daughter is there in the sunshine with you!
    and i love that you mom is doing well!


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