Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The last two hats

... of 2019, that is. Although I want to try to knit more things that I can actually use throughout the year, I don't think I will ever not knit hats. I just love them too much.

The first one I made for my father to match the beret I made for my mother. Just a very simple hat, using up every last bit of that skein.

After that, I was still itching to knit, but not feeling capable of anything remotely complicated, so I cast on for another hat in the yarn I made that green cowl with.

Simple, but warm and soft. I think I'll keep this one, to wear with the cowl when we're in The Netherlands for the holidays. It doesn't get that cold there (usually no snow, just lots and lots of rain), but to me, it felt very cold. And they sure can use some extra green in winter...


  1. Love the green one!! Perfect knitting projects for me too! Hats tick all the boxes!

  2. lovely hats, I am drawn to simple knits these days because then I can read and knit at the same time.