I feel like Goldilocks

Not that I'm house crashing with three bears, though. That would be... weird. To say the least.
But the hats I've been making for my mother did get me thinking about that fairy tale.
Remember? The first beret I made for her was too small. The second one was better, but actually a bit too big.
But now... I think I've got it. This one is juuuuust right ;-)

(not posting pictures with my face showing today. Goodness, I'm suddenly all wrinkled up. Must be the cold or something.)

What I did:

CO 72 st., join in the round, k2,p2 - 6 rounds
Increase: K b&f 3 times, k1, repeat till last four stitches, K b&f 2 times, k2 (132 st)
K 15 rounds (stockinette stitch)

start decrease: 
(the decrease is done in 6 sections, knitting less stitches before ssk each time)

K 20, ssk - repeat till end of round
K entire round
K19, ssk - repeat till end of round
K entire round

keep alternating decrease rows and K rows until you did K10, ssk
Then stop the K rows and keep decreasing (k9, ssk; K8, ssk etc.) until you have 12 stitches left.
Use a darning needle to pull thread through remaining stitches and pull to close. Sew in ends.


  1. Love the hats! I wish I could wear hats, I would wear berets constantly!!


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