And now it's December.

The last month of a year that was... well, hard. On so many levels. I deleted a lot of words about this because I don't want to pour negativity, sadness and fear into a world that needs just the opposite, both online and offline.

So, let's just forget about that. Focus on the good stuff. I want to remember 2019 as the year we made our dream of moving to CuraƧao come true, the year we found and bought and renovated and moved into that wonderful house with the amazing view, the year we met so many great new friends.

And now it's December and it's going to be a great month.
I'm going to allow myself to take it easy this week. Just a little bit of work to do and a lot of happy homemaking and gardening and packing.
Next week we'll travel to Europe and I'll see my family for the first time since July.
My mother is still alive and reasonably fit and that fact alone is worth being very happy about.
I have a date with some old friends that I haven't seen in years.
We'll celebrate our youngest 27th (!) birthday and meet her boyfriend for the first time.
We're going to do a belated Sinterklaas and a lot of Christmas celebrating with family.
Oh, and I get to do a lot of shopping. Most of the practical kind (cotton sheets, vitamines, things we can't get here), but there will be some thrifting, yarn shopping and fabric buying involved too. Fun!
And when we return we'll be just in time to welcome a fresh new year here on the island we love so much.
Yes, it's going to be a good month.

Wishing you all a happy December!


  1. Oh meeting a boyfriend! I just met my son's girlfriend (very nice!). Love how happy you are feeling and I hope that continues!!

    1. I do get a bit nervous about meeting boyfriends... But I trust my girls have good taste ;-)
      Thank you! We hope so too.

  2. So happy to see you have wonderful plans in place to enjoy the last month of the year. May all your celebrations be bright!

    1. Thank you! It's the first December since our move, so we hope it will all work out.

  3. i love the happy little crab. :)
    and also - i am sending you all my best wishes for safe travels and happy meetings and joyful celebrating and fun shopping!

    1. It is a funny little creature, isn't it? When I came too close, he got back into his shell and played 'empty shell' for a while.
      Thank you!


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