Friday, December 6, 2019

Crafty goals

So, that thing I learned about me not having a clue about how much time things take? Also applicable for crafting. I thought those slippers were a quick knit. Turns out they weren't really (I think it has something to do with having to use dpn's) and of course I needed two of them. But I did finish them this morning. Something about checking off that list that makes me want to keep going ;-)

Last week's list:
(I'll just repost the knitting, since there wasn't any sewing again - that thing about time, you know)

✔ finish the slippers (the pattern is no longer online, but I have it written down in my notebook) to keep my feet warm when we're in Holland - done!
✔decide if I'm doing handmade gifts and if so, what I need to knit (or sew?) - decided not to. But it's still in the back of my mind.
/ knit a hat (or more slippers) - cast on for a hat yesterday
X start knitting another cowl? (I have this great pattern that I can't wait to try) - decided to wait until I can buy some really nice yarn for it

I also rewrote the "patterns" on the berets (so if you saved them, please go back and get the right version). Now I remember why I decided not to do patterns anymore... I forgot to write out the first rows before the decreases, so I added that and had to renumber all the other rows. I think I'll stick to wordy instructions next time, that's how my mind works anyway. I usually "translate" patterns for myself to "just do this and then that for a while, and decrease along the way".
That's also why my knitting is still really basic. I rarely work up the energy to knit row by row patterns.

This week's list:

We have a busy weekend ahead and on Monday we'll fly to the Netherlands. I will take some needles and yarn with me, but I have no idea how much time I will have to knit. I usually don't knit with company (feels like I'm not giving them my full attention) and there will be a lot of that. Not that I mind ;-)
Sewing is not an option since I won't bring my machine. Well, hand sewing maybe, but no, don't think so.

- knit a hat, because that's what I like to do
- shop for yarn, fabric and embroidery material

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Definitely knit a bit with company and then put it down. Ease them into the knitting while talking experience. I hope you have a good safe trip!

    1. Thank you! I'll try to get (them and myself) to get used to it...

  2. Don't forgo knitting when in company, you can multitask and still give them attention. My friends and family know I will have knitting in hand.

    1. I'm going to try. I did knit on the beach with friends a few weeks ago. That worked out fine.