Friday, November 29, 2019

Crafty goals

Well, that was some week! But that's what I say, write or think almost every week, so I guess it was a normal one after all. I did finish most of the bigger deadline work I had on my plate and that's a big relief. I've also prepared most of the things I need to do when I'm in Holland and I'm looking forward to next week. Last week before we travel, not too much computer work to worry about, so I'm going to clean the house and do some gardening. Bliss! I may even get to my sewing machine.

Last week's goals:


✔  finish second beret
/ knit some of these slippers (the pattern is no longer online, but I have it written down in my notebook) to keep my feet warm when we're in Holland (started one this morning!)
- decide if I could make more of them as gifts (maybe better than hats?)
✔  use up the rest of the Christmas yarn (knit my first circle, fun!)

Not at all, I'll just copy and paste my list to next week...

This week's goals:


- finish the slippers (the pattern is no longer online, but I have it written down in my notebook) to keep my feet warm when we're in Holland
- decide if I'm doing handmade gifts and if so, what I need to knit (or sew?)
- knit a hat (or more slippers)
- start knitting another cowl? (I have this great pattern that I can't wait to try)


The fact that I'm not sewing doesn't mean I'm not thinking about the things I want to do. I keep adding to that list... Oh well, we'll see.

- hem that plaid cotton I bought to use as a tablecloth
- make placemats (the ones we're using are stained and not washable - not my smartest buy)
- purse for daily use
- quilt (or maybe start small and make a table runner?)
- drawstring bags to use in my suitcase while traveling (I love the packing cubes like these that I see all over the internet and of course I could either order them or try to make them, but I think simple drawstring bags could help with the packing chaos too, so I'm trying that first).

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hope you can get around to the sewing. I am sure it is a more climate friendly craft for you now. But knitting can still be done, and I hope you get to that "cowl" pattern too! LOL

    1. It is more climate friendly, but I do most of my knitting in the morning and evening when we relax on the porch. Wouldn't be much fun for T. if I spent that time behind my machine ;-) I have been thinking about embroidery though or maybe a bit of hand sewing on mini quilts, but I have to buy supplies in the Netherlands (can't find much here).