Friday, November 15, 2019

Crafty goals

Though it feels more logical to post to-do lists at the start of the week, I'm going to try to post my crafty goals on Friday. Always the one going against logic... Well, actually not. This morning I realized that I do most of my crafting at the weekends (because I try not to work and to stay away from the computer on Saturday and Sunday), so it would actually make sense to think about what I'd like to do on Fridays. And it would be fun, looking forward to the weekend (and the weekdays after the weekend) like that.

So here it goes.


- I'm still working on that cowl. It's going rather slowly, but I changed the needles I was using and I think that makes a difference. The ones I was using weren't slippery enough for acrylic yarn and the thread was twisted too much. I won't say I want to finish it this week since I think that would be too much, but I really would like to get a lot further than I am right now. I used one of the three skeins I had and I think I need to use one and a half more to make it the size I'd like. And I would really like it to be finished in time for me to use it when we're in The Netherlands next month.

- The cowl is actually the only project I have on the needles right now. I finished a hat last week and haven't cast on for a new one yet. Because of the above, I'm not planning to start another project. But well... you never know. I want to make my mother a beret since she told me she's wearing them every day now to cover her balding head. She says she likes the berets better than fitting hats these days because she feels her head is so small now (she lost a lot of weight). But I keep worrying about the yarn (good quality not available here) and the pattern (no headspace for intricate cables or things like that). Which is silly, since she's my number one knitting fan and she's been wearing and saving every single hat I ever made for her.


I don't know if I'll be able to sew, but I'd love to. On my list of things I'd like to make:
- purse for daily use
- quilt (or maybe start small and make a table runner?)
- drawstring bags to use in my suitcase while traveling (I love the packing cubes like these that I see all over the internet and ofcourse I could either order them or try to make them, but I think simple drawstring bags could help with the packing chaos too, so I'm trying that first).


  1. I also try to stay off the computer on the weekends, makes me a little happy when I do that. I love your cowl and the cheerful green you are using to make it!

    1. Yes, being offline for a while is good. Thank you! I love that green too (wish I had enough to make myself a sweater)

  2. I think your list plans are perfect, mold them to make them work for you! Mine start on Mon/Tues because that's when Roseanne has her link up, but I still feel like they should be Sun to Sat because that's when the week starts! That's my OCD mind at work. LOL

    1. When I first started, I wanted to link up where you did, but I found it's mostly quilters. So then there was no need to post on Tuesdays anymore. Mondays are hectic for me, but this feels nice. I do love making these lists.
      I can relate to that type of OCD. I thought about making monthly lists only (that would make sense with my slow crafting), but it bums me out that the first of the month could be in the weekend, so then that list would be posted on the 2nd or the 3rd of that month... No big deal, but it just feels off ;-)