Friday, November 1, 2019

A simple sewing project

Oh, I've been dreaming of sewing for a while now. If you've been here for a long time (E.!) you know I used to sew lots of bags and sometimes even quilts. But these past years have been hard. I sometimes tried to get back to it, but I never really did.

Until last Saturday.
I brought home a nice stash of fabric from my trip to the thrift stores (I'll show all of them next week) and was ready to dive into that, but then I didn't, because I'm a good girl (sometimes). Some of the fabrics were stained, others were brand new, so they all needed to be washed before cutting into them. Bummer!
That didn't stop me from sewing though. I was determined to sew something, no matter what. Luckily I had this old sheet that I found in the house when we bought it. I already washed it (twice - it was filthy) and it was ready to be cut. I actually had been thinking about using this to make me some simple project bags ever since I found it.
So that's what I did. Three simple drawstring project bags, rectangular bottoms, unlined.

Not really a project to show off with (and not the best picture - above - either). But then again, I love them.

I love the vintage print, I love that the yarn of my three WIP's doesn't get tangled up anymore in my knitting box, I love how they match my beloved notions pouch (E. made that for me years ago) and I love, love that I was able to make this without even thinking that much.

This Saturday I will be home alone again. And I think I'll be sewing all day. Skirts, bags, quilts, the possibilities are endless. Isn't that a dream come true? For me it is.

And yes, maybe I'm crazy to be so happy about sewing. But you know, over the past few years, I lost parts of who I used to be. I lost my creativity, my joy in making just for the love of making.
I lost it to the gnawing feeling that every moment had to be spent useful and productive and commercial and making money. Or at least dedicated to someone else's fun, not mine, because otherwise, I'd be selfish.
I know. That's not right. So I'm trying to change it, one little blogpost, knit hat or sewing project at a time.

Allowing myself to find this part of me back again makes me very happy indeed.


  1. I'm glad that sewing is bringing you joy! Sketching/painting is what's doing that for me besides my knitting. I love feeling creative and excited about something.