Tuesday, November 12, 2019

A Christmas hat for T.

I never really talk that much to T. about things related to crafting. He doesn't really care apart from the fact that it makes me happy.
But sometimes he does take an interest in it. A few months ago, we were running a bunch of errands and he stopped at the Welcome Shop, just for me to browse around. I had been talking about wanting to go there, but in the midst of our moving, renovating and things like that, I never got the chance to do that.
"Go in, buy some yarn," he said. Now, the Welcome Shop is not what you'd imagine if I say they sell yarn and fabric and notions. The Chinese people that own it also sell whatever they can lay their hands on and it's quite messy. But they always have a bit of yarn (Red Heart yarn mostly).
So I found the yarn and stood there hesitating. I would have loved to just buy, buy, buy, but the paint, wood, concrete etc. we had bought and still needed to buy weighed heavily on my mind. So I tried to choose just one.
"That's a fun color," T. pointed at the Christmas (red, white, green) variegated I was holding in my hands at that moment. So I decided to buy that one and be done with it.

Then it sat in my bin for weeks and weeks, because I had no idea what to do with it. But after I finished all my other projects, I was talking out loud about how I liked that yarn, but I shouldn't buy variegated anymore, because I never know what to do with it (I don't like the color pooling).
And then T. said: "You can make a hat for me."
I was really surprised because usually, he likes muted colors. But he explained: "I could wear it inside when we're in Holland and I could say it's to celebrate Christmas. But it would keep my head warm too."
He was very specific about how it should look. Slouchy (he said that he wanted it to be too big and hang down a bit) and with a pompom on top. Okay. Well then. Why not?

It was actually really fun to make this hat. I kind of liked how the colors spiraled (not enough to buy more variegated yarn though) and T. loves his new hat. I bet we'll see it a lot on family pictures this Christmas ;-)

Oh, you expected a picture of T. modeling his new hat? Nope, that's not how things work around here. He doesn't mind me doing blogs and social media, but he likes to keep his face off the internet as much as possible. So another one of my awkward hat wearing selfies will have to do...


  1. I need to make my husband another pair of socks. Something wooly and thick for his perpetually cold feet! Love the way the colors stripe!

    1. Ha, then he's the opposite of my husband - always hot feet, even when it's cold. No need to knit socks for me ;-)
      Those stripes were a nice surprise. Luckily no pooling...

  2. I make my husband socks and he wears them! I have made him a few hats but I don't think he likes them much because I don't see him wearing them. My son wears knitted hats though!

    1. Well, at least everyone is wearing your knits. I love it when they do!