Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Tuesday To-Do

 So now I'm back to to-do lists? Well, sort of. This one is supposed to be fun.

I keep telling Chris that her crafty to-do lists are inspiring, but usually I stick with saying that and don't actually act on it.
Trying to change that now, even though my lists will be short and uninspiring. But maybe it will help to get the crafting (and blogging about it) going again. I do miss it.

This week's list:

- finish sleeveless sweater/tunic (so close! but it's getting so large that I don't like handling it during the day - too hot)
- figure out what to do with green yarn and Christmas yarn I bought just for the fun of buying yarn ( I have three skeins of the green and only one of the Christmas colored)
- start a new hat (possibly with that dark gray yarn again), because how can I go on without having a hat on my needles?

Okay, leaving it at these three things. I'd like to add sewing (something! don't care if it's just a small, simple project - I'm just itching to sew) to it, but I think that will have to wait. Still have a lot of work on my plate this week.


  1. Make your lists, and ignore then if need be. Sometimes the fun is in making the list!!! I need to not take mine so seriously. LOL

    1. Somehow lists get under my skin. It's just a tool, but it can get too serious and then it gets overwhelming. The crafting list is helping though, I'd really like to report back next week with a few things ticked off...