Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Progress report:: our bedroom

Our bedroom was one of the rooms that I really wanted to be finished before we moved in. We didn't make that happen though. No ceilings, no air conditioner. We also need to hang something on those bare walls. But it is clean and white and peaceful.
Especially compared to where we started...

We use plastic bins as nightstands. Our photo albums and memorabilia are in there for safe storage and easy access.

We decided to buy fabric wardrobes for our clothes. They are very cheap, so that's convenient, but I also find that chipboard wardrobes tend to get smelly after a while here (it's hot and humid). Until we can afford solid wood, this will work perfectly.

We have a second-hand air conditioner, but we haven't installed it yet. Even during this hot period, we manage to sleep pretty well with just the ceiling fan, so we're thinking about not installing the air conditioner at all. We're fully on solar power (I'll talk about that in another blog post), so using as little electricity as we can is important.

p.s. the window bars don't look so good, I know. But this room is on ground level and we need it for safety.


  1. It will come together, it just takes time!

    1. It will. Whenever someone asks us how it's going with the house we say: "slowly but surely"

  2. It looks really nice! I like how you made night stands, when we were first together we used cardboard boxes with towels on them (not very sturdy...)

  3. I think your curtains add such a nice touch too!