Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Progress report :: the kitchen

Apart from the view, the kitchen was the big selling point in this house for me. We'd seen so many houses and most of them had hardly a kitchen at all. Cooking is not really a big deal here, obviously.

The kitchen is located outside the main house, connected to the porch. I love that layout, because we spent most of our days outside on that porch anyway (working on laptops).
Since we're still (always) on a very tight budget, we chose to use what was there, being a concrete (really!) base with wooden doors. Built for eternity so we're planning to keep it, though I want to paint those doors (make them white or stain them darker) and replace those tiles one day. The sink was leaking, but we repaired it.

I have a gas stove and chose one that has a gas oven too because we're on solar power. That's also the reason we searched high and low for a big, but energy-efficient fridge. This one is just the right size for the two of us.
I "built" the shelves next to it, because I had too little storage, but I wasn't sure if I'd like open shelving, so I didn't want to invest in buying something yet. So I just stacked some concrete blocks and old shelves to see how it would work. I like it. Since temporary solutions tend to stick around in our houses, I guess it will be here for a long time...

The table was one of the things we brought from Holland (it used to be my parents' table) and we love how it looks here. We put a little bookcase with our record player in that corner because we don't really have a living room (and we don't know if we'll ever have one, we're always outside).

I just realized I already posted about the kitchen a while ago (you can find that post here). We've made a lot of progress since then. That's good, since for me it's clearly the heart of my home.

Just for fun: let's go back to the beginning, before we even closed on the house.



Oh yes, that's what I call progress.


  1. It is lovely, and as time goes by you can add or subtract things to make it more of a home.

    1. Thank you!
      And yes, we will keep working on it. I think making a home is an ongoing process.

  2. i love your table and the big dark cupboard. such pretty pieces!
    also - your cinderblock shelves are great!
    you have accomplished so much. i am also glad to know that you spend some time on your porch and out in the fresh air often. :)

    1. That cupboard is the only piece of real furniture we bought here sofar, but we love it so much!
      Being able to be outside most of the time was the main reason for moving here and for chosing a house outside of the city. T.'s lungs are so much better now.