Thursday, October 17, 2019

In my garden (Three on Thursday)

After some very dry months, we finally got some rain around here. It was about time. Today I'm sharing three things happening in my garden since then (apart from thornbushes and weeds growing like crazy).

1. We thought this tree was dead. It obviously wasn't.

2. My aloë is turning green again. I honestly thought it was a different kind of aloë, because of the reddish/brownish color. But that turned out to be a lack of water.

3. Yeah. This one I don't understand. But it's there, so clearly the soil was wet enough.

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  1. Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it? Glad you finally got some rain.

    1. It is! And it's so much fun to watch a whole new kind of nature over the months. It's not spring here (we're still on the Nothern Hemispher), but it sure feels like it.