Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Crafty goals

Friends, I've been knitting up a storm this past week! I don't know if it was the list I made last week that kept me motivated or that I suddenly and unrelated got my mojo back, but I'm really, really happy about it. I feel a lot more like myself this way.

Last week's list:

✔- finish sleeveless sweater/tunic. Done!
✔- figure out what to do with green yarn and Christmas yarn. Done!
✔- start a new hat. Done!

Sneak peek of the sweater (it will get its own post):

The green yarn will be one of those cowls that grow wider to cover your shoulders (showl?) and the Christmas yarn will be a hat for my husband. There's a story I could tell you about that, but I'll share that when it's finished (got to spread my content).
I started and finished a hat with the dark gray yarn, but that will get it's own post too and I already started a new one. I'm not committing to it yet, but maybe I will do some hat giving to family for Christmas after all.
The only thing I still didn't do (but I suspected as much, so it wasn't really on the list) was sewing, but I will get to it one of these days, I promise!

This week's list:

- finish Christmas yarn hat
- finish dark gray hat
- work on cowl
- sew? (need to shorten three of T.'s pants, want to sew bags, pouches, dresses, skirts... So many ideas)

What's on your list this week?


  1. I am doing some wedding rental stuff for BioGirl's 2020 wedding and trying to find motivation to sew or knit. But I have been having headaches every day, so not sure where they are stemming from. Right now I just want to nap!

    1. Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon!

  2. your sweater looks so pretty!
    and i laughed at "showl" :D
    happy tuesday evening to you. <3

    1. Thanks you, I love it and will probably wear it a lot when we're in Holland.
      Credits for "showl" go to Chris (from chrisknits.wordpress.com) ;-)

  3. so happy that the knitting bug has bitten, I know it makes you happy!!