Monday, October 14, 2019

Bon siman!

This weekend we removed the metal bars that were blocking our view from the porch. That makes such a difference! It felt symbolic, sort of, though I can't really explain why.

Last week was hard. Not only because on Wednesday I woke up from a call from my father. They stopped my mother's surgery (they were going to remove the tumor) because they found metastases. Even though I somehow expected it, it (is) hard to deal with.
We also had some bad weather and since we're fully on solar power, that caused a lot of stress (if the batteries get drained too far, they'll stop working at all).
Anyway. Let's hope this week is better. My mom is having another surgery right now (to fix something that blocks her stomach) and if that works, she'll be able to leave the hospital and go home.
That's what she wants more than anything else, so I hope this works.

 I'll be working hard this week to get things done before I travel to Holland to visit her (don't know when yet, but soon).

Wishing you all a great week!