Thursday, September 26, 2019

Three things I need to get back to sewing

I may have (ha!) mentioned it here and in some comments on your blogs, that I really, really want to get back to sewing. So much that I shipped my sewing machine all the way to CuraƧao.

It arrived safely and I did take it out of its bag once, to do some mending (I ripped a curtain in our rental, so I had to repair that), but that was it. But I still was thinking about sewing.
But there were some things I needed to buy before I could actually start (and I'm determined to count three things to be able to link up with Carole's Three on Thursday)

1. Fabric

Two weeks ago I found myself alone in Punda (city center), waiting for my husband, so I decided to pop into a fabric store I knew. I have been thinking about sewing myself some dresses because I have only a few that I can wear in this heat, so I asked for 100% cotton. They didn't have much choice in that ("only African prints", they love their polyester cloths here), but I found two options I liked.

Step one taken. But then the fabric just sat there, waiting patiently for me to actually do something with it.

2. Pattern
Last week I was in one of the bookstores (we sadly only have two on the island) and decided to see if they had any pattern magazines. Of course, I was late to the game: they only have Dutch magazines and those have fall and winter clothes now, but I did find myself a magazine with patterns that can be adapted to summer clothes.

This pattern looks a lot like one of the (store-bought) dresses I'm wearing a lot here. I just need to make it sleeveless and I would like something like a drawstring in my waist, to make it less baggy (that other dress has one).
Here it is again, different fabric, different model. (By the way, I do like that these girls have normal sizes, but I happen to be a lot thinner, so I'd love to see it on a skinny model too. The pattern is for all sizes, so why not show it on all sizes?)

I'm also thinking I could just make simple skirts. Not too hard to do if I get the measurements for the panels right. And then I would have enough fabric left to make bags or pouches or other fun stuff.

3. More stuff I need
So, a happy ending? Show and tell?

Not yet. I still can't start sewing, since I don't have pattern paper or anything that I could use for that. Didn't bring that with me from the Netherlands. So now I hope that the little craft store I have found on Instagram has some. I am excited that I actually have a reason to pop in there, so I guess I'll do that the next time I go grocery shopping (the supermarket is really close to that store). If they don't have it, I'll have to try the bigger fabric store, but that's in a part of town we don't visit often. If I go there I'd have to buy some more fabric and maybe even some yarn (they have a small collection) just to make the trip worth it. Just kidding. Sort of.
Also, I realized when I was writing this, that I don't have an iron and I need to buy some interfacing. I did bring some zippers and buttons, but I'll have to look if those are the right size and/or color too.

Need to go shopping. While I'm at it, I think I'll try to find a nice knit to make this pattern too. I love this design (But why is this one shown on a skinny model only? Somehow these magazines still don't get it).

To be continued...


  1. So glad you are finding your crafts again! they can sustain us through all kinds of moods and seasons.

    1. You're so right! I'm so glad I'm slowly getting back into everything.

  2. I'm so jealous of people who can sew their own clothes. I took a class once and failed so miserably, they suggested I find a different hobby. Glad you are crafting again and that you've found a few craft stores.

    1. Ha, well... My sister-in-law tried to teach me to sew "the right way" and I hated that. The things I (used to) make are very basic, but I do love messing around with fabrics and a sewing machine. Bags (simple totes mostly) are my favorite thing to sew, but I really need some new clothes...

  3. I can't wait to see you finished product, how exciting!!

    1. Ha, it will take me a while, I'm afraid. But I will get there. I am looking forward to it.

  4. Enjoy your sewing. The fabrics you chose are very pretty. I have done a little more sewing lately but I don't know about the garment sewing. I am limited in fabric to either a quilt shop or JoAnn's. I like cotton fabrics but sure would like to be able to shop for other kinds of dress/garment fabrics of good quality. I'm not quite ready to order fabric over the internet. I need to touch it.

    1. Thank you! I understand, I like to touch fabric before using it too.
      I thought JoAnns's had a lot of fabric? But maybe not the best quality. I have to admit I was mostly going for cotton because I need to make some cloths that will get me through the heat these months. It was rather cheap, so I guess it's not the best quality. ;-)