Monday, July 22, 2019

Right now

Right now I am...

:: listening to the birds singing
:: a bit sleepy because we had to rise early to be in the new house in time for the loader that will straighten out the holes that had to be made to build the cess pit
:: trying to focus on the house and finishing it far enough to be able to move in (still waiting for Aqualectra though - we have water, but we need electricity too)
:: looking forward to our stove arriving this afternoon and a kitchen cupboard tomorrow
:: feeling weird because the first days since I arrived back here my mother was doing very well, but I had a hard time being happy about it. I kept thinking that could not last, since she was so very ill before. I hate to be right. She now has an other infection and we were told that could cause another crisis. We'll have to wait and see what happens next
:: still trying to focus on the house and my normal life
:: smiling a bit cynical, because I haven't had a normal life since we first came back to the island in January 2018.
:: but determined to keep going on the few things I have. Like blogging. And taking pictures of sunsets.
:: hoping to finish cleaning the kitchen today and maybe do some knitting
:: wishing you all a great week


  1. There's nothing wrong with being a realist, I am one as well. I think that is the way our brains help us cope by thinking the worst. What's the saying....expect the worst hope for the best? Glad you are back home and back to blogging.

    1. That's a good saying. I guess that's how my brain works and always has been working, but sometimes I'd like to be able to ignore the signs and hold on to the more positive options. My sister is a master at that, but then again, she's usually devastated when things turn out bad, while I'm prepared and capable to actually do something. Oh well, it's just the way we're wired I guess.

  2. Will add you both back to my prayers. Hoping you can find the joy in the right now and not borrow worry about the future, but it's hard.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's hard, but I keep telling myself it's no use for her or my father if I just sit around and worry all the time.