Monday, June 3, 2019

Weekend adventures

Friday evening we went to the first Rum Festival on CuraƧao. Which is kind of funny since T. usually sticks to beer and I drink wine about four times a year. But we were invited by friends and well, why not?. So we attended a 'masterclass' where we were learned how rum is produced and got to taste four different rum (I took little sips of all of them, just to get an idea - I actually liked the most expensive one). There were live music and a little exhibition of classic cars and it was fun.
Saturday we worked at the house, but I didn't take any pictures.
On Sunday we went to the beach, to rest because we were having a party at our favorite beach bar that night and for once we didn't want to show up tired as we have done on parties of other people this past month.
We were celebrating our own birthdays after all. I turned 48 two weeks ago and T. turns 50 today. We invited the few people we know and when one of them asked what to bring we told them to bring some of the people we've met through them, but didn't know how to get in touch with. We ended up with a group of about 20 persons and it was a great birthday for both of us.

Today we'll do some more celebrating for T.'s birthday. It's not just that 50 is a special milestone, but we feel really, really grateful to be able to celebrate this birthday since last year we were afraid he wouldn't make it to 50. But here he is, fulfilling his dreams of living here and feeling healthier and stronger than before (the last time he had a heart-related incident was four months ago) and I'm so happy about that.


  1. How wonderful to be able to enjoy life to the fullest right now. Here's to many more years together!

  2. fun way to celebrate your birthdays together! Looks like a grand time and summery photos are wonderful.