Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Right now...

Right now I am...

:: listening to the birds singing
:: thinking there is some life lesson in the fact that the most beautiful song comes from a simple greyish bird, while the ones that have the most spectacular colors just squeak loudly
:: watching the cat play with a nutshell he found somewhere (I guess he didn't do any hunting last night since he's very active this morning)
:: thinking about yesterday and smiling, because my husband got me a new bikini for his birthday
:: admitting I'd never buy a bikini like that (this one in a slightly more muted colorway) for myself, but also that I did feel good wearing it and he loves seeing me in it
:: having mixed feelings about my decision to 'test' my gluten intolerance Sunday night and yesterday by eating the wrong things. I enjoyed the things I ate but I now know for sure I should stay away from gluten. I hope my body is able to restore itself fast because I don't like how I feel right now (and the timing is all wrong)
:: feeling slightly overwhelmed by the uncertainty and scary things that await our family in the weeks ahead (I'm not trying to be secretive about it - my mother is seriously ill -  but I decided that the details aren't my story to tell)
:: trying to focus on the good things in life
:: also trying to focus on the work that needs to be done (grocery shopping, cleaning, writing, bookkeeping)
:: going to start doing that now
:: wishing you all a great day!


  1. Prayers for your family. Distance and illness do not go together when you are the one far away. I hope you find some peace and calm.

  2. Sending prayers to your mother and to you! it's not easy being far away at all. I loved reading your right now!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it makes me feel the distance even more than before. Part of me just wants to hop on a plane to be closer to her, but for now that's not the right thing to do. We have to know more first.