Monday, May 6, 2019

Weekend adventures

I came up with this title for what seems to be a ongoing series on Monday last week. And then we had a very not adventurous weekend. But that doesn't matter. It was one of the best weekends we ever had.
Last Thursday we got a message that we could pass the house on Friday after all. There was a bit of a mess up. One of the sellers was abroad and he left an authorization for the other seller to sign in his name. But that somehow got lost in the communication at first. We were a bit annoyed by another delay and asked why he hadn't authorize the other seller, then they called him and he said he already did. Anyway, we got the keys on Friday and we were so happy to finally start working on the house.

This weekend we:
- ripped out the ceilings in the lower part of the house (2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a little hallway)
- cleaned up the mess we made and dropped it off at the landfill
Well, that was sort of an adventure - we are used to a very organized way of dropping off garbage, in Holland you have to sort everything into the right container and there are people keeping an eye on it to make sure you do it right. Here you drive up a hill and just dump whatever you want to get rid off and then they shovel it into a bigger heap with the rest of it. They weigh the car before and after and then bill the weight of what you left behind.
- T. repaired three windows that weren't working correctly (thus saving us the costs of replacing them)
- T. redid all the electric wiring in the bathroom and one of the bedrooms (the whole house needs to be rewired, most of it was stolen)
- I cut away all the bushes growing at (and into) the front and the side of the house.
- I sweeped the floor of the big room (but it's still not clean, there were bats living in the attic, and those droppings... yuk!)
- I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen (including the floor). I will probably do that a few more times before I'll actually prepare food there, but it looks so much better already!

I'll post a real housetour later this week (if I can find some time), but that's it for now.
Oh! Wait! It's not weekend post if I don't post a sunset, isn't it? This is a very clouded one, but taken from our own porch. So, wow!


  1. wow you did so much already! we live in the country and we have had to drive to a place where they weigh the car before and after when we did a renovation.

    1. Ah, so it's not that strange. For us it was completely new and different. But we also thought it was very efficient.