Thursday, May 2, 2019

Three things that make me happy

1. Living here, on a Caribbean island. It's a dream come true.

2. The maybe house. Next week. Probably (it was already postponed this week). We're so close! So ready to show this poor old neglected building some love.

3. Earning money (not a living, but it's slowly growing) with work I enjoy doing. I write novels, edit manuscripts for other authors and I write press releases for my publisher. This week I'll also hear if I can keep writing columns for an online magazine. We agreed on a six-week trial period. Last Tuesday the sixth column was published, so now I'll wait and see what their stats tell them. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I am grateful that they gave me this chance to reach out to a bigger audience (it's all in Dutch, that's why I don't link it here).

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  1. Three great things! Fingers crossed for your home!

    1. Thanks! I've got some good news to share...

  2. Those are all Very exciting things!

  3. fingers are tripled crossed for you!!!