Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sometimes you've got to listen to the yarn

I've had this skein (and a similar one) in my stash for a while now. And since I got it, I've been thinking it would make a great poncho. I even started knitting one in January.
But then I tried to be practical and dismissed that idea again. I will hardly ever get a chance to wear it (it never gets that chilly here) and I don't know anyone in my family who would wear a poncho. So I frogged what I had started and stuffed the yarn back into my closet.
Last week I dug it out (my stash isn't that big anyway) and I cast on for a hat.
But soon I realized the color changes were actually too subtle for a hat and it would be a shame to break that beautiful (large) skein up into two or three hats. So I changed plans again.
I pondered making a shawl for a while, was really interested in a pattern for a cowl/shawl combination and then realized that was quite similar to a poncho and that the color changes would be beautiful in a simple poncho pattern like this one. So a poncho it is. I guess the yarn just wants to be a poncho.
You can't really see how it looks since it's still on short needles, but I already love it.

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  1. I am guessing you will have a lovely beautiful poncho! I believe some yarns are like that and you have to listen to them.

    1. I hope so! And yes, some yarns are like that (though it felt silly to write it down)