Monday, May 27, 2019

A brilliant idea

So today I bring you a picture of two hats I didn't finish. Or so it seems.

But no, in fact, this pictures shows a brilliant idea* I had last week.

I was thinking about making my favorite hat pattern (you know, this one) and how it might be nice to knit one for myself in cotton yarn. Not because my head gets cold here, but to keep my hair out of my face (I always braid it, but it never stays tidy).
And then I realized that just knitting the brim of a head makes a perfect headband that would work nicely too. And look a lot less ridiculous.

It was a nice quick project and I'm kind of obsessed with the possibilities now. Colors, patterns, embellishments (embroidery, beads)... so many ideas.

Oh, the second black one? That one was immediately claimed by T., who uses it as a sweatband to keep the sweat from dripping into his eyes when he's working on the house. He likes me to knit some more too (without embellishments though).

* or I finally realized the obvious, that might also be the case here ;-)

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  1. aren't you clever! I predict more headband knitting in your future :)

  2. such a grand idea!
    also - you are just lovely!

  3. Great idea! I could use a few of those around the house.

    1. Thanks! They are really fun (and quick) to make!