Monday, April 29, 2019

A weekend full of sunsets

I emptied out the card of my camera after this weekend and I realized there were even more sunsets than usually. Ha! It apparently was the weekend of sunsets.
We started the weekend like we normally do. At the beach, eating some fries and having a few drinks. We don't always get to watch the sunset, because sometimes we're at the beach club and you can't really see it from there. But this time we were later and still walking around. I actually prefer that time schedule...
On Saturday it was King's Day in the Netherland and since CuraƧao is part of the Kingdom, there was a lot of celebrating going on here too. The two of us walked around on the flea market. I was looking for a basket for my knitting and some other houseware, but all I bought was a Caribean cooking book. Oh well, I'll keep looking.
In the afternoon we met up with some friend from Germany and the US. It was kind of funny because I was wondering what they wanted to do on King's Day. They're not really types to enjoy a flea market. Ha! Well, to them King's Day is just one big happy hour. I'm not a drinker (just the occasional small glass of wine), so I never saw that one coming.
We just tagged along and went home before they got too drunk. And I took a little time-out to watch the sunset at one of the bars we visited. That (and a nice conversation with a Swiss woman who wasn't drinking too much either) was exactly what I needed to find the courage to stay a few more hours. For some of them, it's hard to accept that I don't drink and that I don't talk too much, but they are starting to accept me for who I am. I sometimes feel uncomfortable around extrovert (and slightly drunk) people, but I also kinda like who I am, so I don't want to change just to fit in.
Anyway. Sunday was business as usual. Just the two of us, driving west to visit the maybe house. But this time we did a little breaking and entering. Or actually, we didn't break anything, since one of the windows and the iron bars that should protect it were already missing. We just stepped inside.
We have been tempted to do that for weeks, but this time we were walking at the back of the house and we finally met the neighbor. So we just told him who we were, had a little talk, told him we were waiting for the tax office and then we would officially get the keys and then just casually mentioned we were stepping inside for a minute. He didn't care, so we went in. So nice to see the inside again! We just saw it once, but my memory of how it was laid out was extremely accurate.
I took a lot of pictures, but they need some touching up and I'm running out of time, but look at the view from the room we want to use as a living room/ home office! Isn't that incredible?
After that visit, we had our Sunday picknick (I was going to share the recipe for the salad I made, but it needs a bit of tweaking) and went home for a bit of knitting (well, that was just me) and napping (the both of us, and the cat).
And then we went out again to eat a little snack, have a little drink and watch another sunset at our favorite place.

It was a wonderful weekend.
How was yours?

And bon siman (a good week) to all of you!


  1. I am just going to live vicariously through your IG and the blog!!! Gorgeous views.

    1. They are! I still can't belief that will be the view from my home soon!