47 - lots of candles and other facts

I was out of inspiration for blogposts, so I decided to google the number 47. Why? Well, as of today 47 is my answer to the question: "How old are you?".  I do know that it would make a lot of candles if we did the whole birthday cake with candles thing...

It feels like a weird age. Fifty is getting closer and closer. I'm not young, but I'm also not old. That's why they call it middle aged I guess ;-)
I used to think by now I would be older and wiser, but well, I'm not. Older yes, but wiser? Hmn.

Though I am wise enough to:
1. not to be ashamed of my age
2. be just happy and grateful that I'm alive
3. gift myself a day off. I'm allowing myself to do whatever I want (like writing a blogpost about the number 47) and to postpone the things I don't want to do (laundry).

Wikipedia told me a few interesting facts about 47. I already figured out it's a prime number (I am a bit of a nerd), but I now also know it's a safe prime (that means it's the outcome of 2 times a prime number plus 1).

47 is the atomic number of silver. Rather fitting for this age, I guess. I had my silver hairs dyed last week, but I do have them.

47 is the number of the French department Lot-et-Garonne, which is the only place in France we actually like. We even spent a few vacations there (we have friends that own a chambre d'hotes in Lot).

47 is also an interesting number if you are a Trekkie. I sort of am, but I never knew (or noticed) this:

It turns out 47 is an inside joke at the school (Pomona College) one of the writers attended. He incoorporated it in a few episodes and the other writers joined the fun. It's all over the place.There is even a complete website about the use of 47 in all Star Trek seriesM

Maybe being 47 is going to be fun after all ;-)


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