Monday, April 9, 2018

That's not a hat

Nope, it's not. Isn't that wild? After three months (14 weeks to be precise) of knitting nothing but hats, I cast on for a sweater.
Why? Well, I was out of hat knitting yarn. That's one reason.
But I knew this would happen soon and could have popped in to a shop to pick some up a few skeins last week.
I didn't.
So I guess I wanted to force myself to step aside from the hat knitting and make something else for a change. I am way ahead with my goal of one hat each week (I finished #20 this weekend - I am way behind in taking pictures and blogging about those hats though) so I guess I have some time before I really need to get on with it.

Anyway. A sweater. No real pattern, just a stitch pattern for the ajour (lace? is there a difference?). I'm going to be winging the rest of the design (oh my!).
The yarn is this yarn that was previously this sweater that is way too wide for me now. I hardly ever wore it anymore and I thought that was a waste of that expensive yarn (a birthday gift - I usually buy the cheap stuff). So I frogged it last year and I've been thinking about what to knit with it ever since. Started a shawl, realized I never wear shawls (so that would still be a waste of yarn), frogged it again, searched for patterns and finally decided to make up my own.
Here's hoping that this sweater will work out the way I think it will...

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  1. Impressive! I've modified most of the sweater patterns I've knit but I've never had the courage to completely wing it.

    1. I have done it before, but I'm not sure I will succeed this time. I already frogged it twice...

  2. Yay for a sweater instead of a hat but I know you will be knitting more hats once you get more yarn.

    1. I'm actually constantly thinking about hats. A sweater may be too much for me these days...