Monday, April 30, 2018

A long and lazy weekend

We had a long weekend here. Friday was King's Day, a public holiday.
We planned to stay home and work on the house, but we weren't really up to it (I had a cold and T. pulled something in his shoulder last week), so we ended up visiting Gouda for a few hours.
King's Day is traditionally the day we're allowed to have "free markets" all over the country and it's always fun to look around. We didn't buy anything though, partly because of the whole "moving to another country" thing (we're trying to get rid of stuff, not add to it), but also because there just weren't many treasures to find. Mostly toys, children's books and (boring) clothes. Maybe the good stuff was already gone, we were kind of late to the game.
We tried to find a place to have a drink after the market, but all the restaurants and bars were crowded, so we went back home.

The rest of the weekend I spent like this. Knitting, reading, browsing. I guess we needed a bit of a reset.
I'm reading a magical cozy mystery series (currently on book 3), The Kitchen Witch series by Morgana Best. Not as brilliant and funny as the Matchmaker's series, but rather entertaining and perfect for reading in bits and pieces while knitting (those were affiliate links).
I've also spent some time reading through the archives of Soulemama's blog. I love her blog and her writing, but browsing all thirteen years (!) of her blogging also gave me some perspective on my own life in that period (I've been reading along most of the time, found her blog in 2007). Weird maybe, but I'll take whatever works for soothing my crazy, worrying, emotional, perimenopausal mind ;-)

I'm almost done with the second sleeve of the cardigan and then I'm going to put it all together with a yoke.
The Mystery Knitalong is sort of frustrating. I'm not sure I like how the colors work out. I'm thinking about frogging the whole thing and starting over with different colors. I wasn't sure about the whole variegated yarn thing from the start (I never like it) and should have followed my instincts instead of the directions (those clearly stated two solids, two variegated). But that would mean I'd have to find time to go yarn shopping again. Hmn. It's not that I don't want to, but this week is an extra busy one - I have some editing (on someone elses novel) to be done on top of all my other tasks.
Anyway. I still have that cardigan to finish and I think I'll be focusing on that this week.

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  1. sometimes a slow weekend is exactly what is needed. i hope you are feeling more energetic soon!

    1. I hope so too, but it was only the start of something, sadly. It seems working my way up to an inner ear infection now...

  2. I'm hanging my head in shame. I missed the Mad Hatters' party because I only knit 1 hat in April and I forgot to photograph it. I'm hoping May will be much more productive.

    Thanks for the Soulemama reminder. I too enjoy her blog but it doesn't automatically arrive in my inbox so I forget to go in search of it.

    1. Ha, don't worry. These things happen. In fact, I always missed it too (the hats were actually knit in March, though I blogged about them in April, and I almost forgot to post the party) ;-)

  3. getting out for a break from thinning out a home sounds wonderful. I agree with not buying anything to add to the stuff you have to move. I went to a fine arts festival and bought nothing except lunch!!

    1. It's funny, Dutch people are known for just looking, not buying (kijken, kijken, niet kopen - people all over the world know that phrase in Dutch), but it can be really hard ;-)