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Yes, we're officially back in Holland now, but I'm going to linger on Curaçao on my blog for a while. I'd like to say I'm lingering in my thoughts, but those are filled with things to do before we can go back. No lingering there, I'm in full action mode (despite the giant jet lag)
Anyway. I thought it would be fun to show you three pictures of what we used to visit (almost) every Friday night. Our main reason to go to Seaquarium Beach every Friday night was to have a snack at Aloha and a drink at Wet & Wild Beach Bar but between the snack and the drinks we usually took a walk down to the Seaquarium to see:

1. Fish

Lots of them in the water there. This is not a pond or another restricted aerea, it's open to the sea and these fish are free to come and go. But it seems there's a lot of food in that water, because it's usually very busy with all kinds of fish. We liked watching them swim.

2. Iguanas

There were usually one or two around, sometimes even more. I love looking at them, they're all different.

3. Sealions

These are in captivity, sadly, but they seem quite happy. In this picture they were napping in the water. So cute to watch. One of them held his nose above the water the whole time, the other one moved his head up and down to breath.

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  1. welcome home and I can see why you want to stay over in the warmth!


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