Monday, March 5, 2018

52 hats :: 8 - Twisted

Such a simple design, but I really like this one. I did a simple k1, p1 rib, but twisted the K stitches. And then I just did a lot of stockinette. Sometimes simple is the right choice, isn't it?

Ha! I could get all philosophic about that, because simple is usually the right choice in everything, even life decisions. I even might state that it's the reason we are going to sell our house in Holland and really move here permanently. Our first plan was to keep our house or eventually buy a smaller house in Holland and to buy a house on Curaçao too, and travel up and down a few times a year.

But we already had two situations (a big storm and very low temperatures) that caused damage to our house in the Netherlands while we were here these two months. That involved calling around, bothering other people to ask for help and worrying about inanimate objects. Worrying about family is something different, but worrying about a house while you're not even there? Nope, not right.

So our new plan is to put the things we're really attached to in storage for a few years and live in a rental here on Curaçao to see if we really want to stay. That gives us the freedom to change our minds, but without the burden of having two houses to worry about. Simple. But right.

Anyway. Knitting. I'm actually doing very well. Working on #11 already. Since we go back to Holland in two weeks, I suddenly decided that I want to try to work through the little stash I brought. Since it's all part wool, I don't think it's smart to leave it here (moths!) and I would rather take back hats in stead of skeins. After I finish #11 I have two complete skeins left and some scraps I could combine. Seems doable (probably isn't)...

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  1. Yes, simple usually is better. Good luck with getting your Holland affairs settled and getting back to the new normal!

  2. Like the hat with the speckled yarn.
    Decisions made - carry on!

  3. Sorry your belongings got damaged back at home base, I think putting it in storage is a great idea. Lovely hat and I adore stockinette for tv viewing while knitting :)

  4. Thanks! Not looking forward to handling those affairs, but looking forward to the next chapter of our lives very much!

  5. It's also great for husband chatting ;-) (we don't watch a lot of tv)