Monday, March 26, 2018

52 hats :: 10 weeks on Curaçao

It's silly, I knew this would happen, but every time we travel this far, I'm sort of surprised being hit by a serious jetlag. We left Curaçao last Tuesday and arrived back in the Netherlands on Wednesday, after a very short night (we loose five hours traveling back).

In the comments of last weeks (scheduled) posts someone asked what we call home now (sorry I didn't respond to any of your comments - my foggy brain wasn't capable of putting words together into readable sentences). Before we left I probably would have answered "both Curaçao and the Netherlands".

But to be honest... both me and my husband have been caught mumbling "I just want to go home!" these past few days. So yeah... the transition is hard and there is no doubt we will be working towards going back (home) as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, we've been visiting with and visited by the girls and my parents. They still have to get used to the idea that we're packing up to leave. It's hard to witness, but... well. We really need to do this. In only a few days, my husbands health plummeted back to what it was before we went to Curaçao, so that's a really good reason, though not the only one.

So, our plans for the weeks to come are simple: do what we normally do (clean, work, write) and use every spare moment to finish work on the house (we're still in the middle of a renovation), sort through our stuff and get rid of things that we don't really want to keep and work out the financial kinks (we've got a few businesses and have to look in to the fiscal complications of our move). It sounds simple, but when I look around and try to list what we need to do, it's kind of overwhelming.

Anyway, knitting (my plans to make this blog about more than just knitting have to wait until we tackle this moving thing).

I thought it would be fun to have some record of what I actually have been knitting in those 10 weeks on Curaçao.

This is what I brought with me from Holland in January. Eleven 100 gr. skeins.

And this is what was left the day before we left (I actually started another hat with some of those leftovers after I took the picture).


And this is the pile of hats that I took back to Holland with me.

A total of thirteen hats, that's an average of 1,3 hats a week. My one hat a week challenge is working out sofar.  

I'm not sure about how to handle the logistics of the rest of the year's knitting. I'd love to have some final pictures of all 52 hats together by the end of this year, but it seems silly to take them back and forth to Curaçao with me (we hope to move to Curaçao in August, but we'll be back in the Netherlands in December for the holidays and birthdays). Maybe I can put them in storage or something. Oh well, that's a (silly) problem for another day.
Back to cleaning and sorting now...

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  1. LOL, Now I'm picturing a storage facility with stacks & stacks of hats...
    I love the the 2-toned zigzag hat but don't remember you showing it on your blog.
    Good luck with the packing. Moving across town is bad enough, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to move to a different country.

    1. That's what I was picturing too, so maybe I do need to get rid of these hats sooner ;-)
      The 2-toned zigzag will be on the blog soon. I'm still posting one a week, even though the posting is falling way behind my knitting right now. I'm still fearing that I won't have time to post at all very soon and this gives me way to write posts in advance. I do like blogging in real time better though, so I hope things will get less stressful soon...