Sunday, March 18, 2018

52 hats :: 10 - A Favorite

If you read through my older blogposts or remember my old blogs, you'd immediately recognize this one. In fact, you'd be wondering why I made nine hats before I made one of these. Somehow this is the one pattern I knit over and over again. I'm not sure how many I knit exactly (because I deleted my old ravelry account - silly thing to do) but I know I made over twenty of these already.

The weird thing about this hat is that I really don't think it looks that great on me. I never wear any of them. But it's fun to knit, that counts too, doesn't it?

The pattern is Soulemama's (apptly named Soulemama's Favorite Knit Hat Pattern) and can be downloaded from her blog. I slightly adapted it for thinner yarn and thinner needles. I cast on 72 stitches and used a 4 mm needle. The yarn I used is Julia from Zeeman.

I actually finished this one a few weeks ago, but I'm still going steady with showing one a week for now. Dreading the jetlag I will be sporting after we land in Holland on Wednesday (I hate nightflights) and the work we have to do before we can go back to the island. I don't think I will finish knitting up every bit of yarn I brought, but I'm getting close. Hat # 14 is in the works...

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  1. I got no hats knit this past week. A cruise may have had something to do with that!! Love the pattern on this one.

    1. Ha, that might be the reason ;-) Hope you had a good time!

  2. a very lovely hat! I cannot imagine deleting my ravelry account, the horror!!

  3. Great hat! Hope you have a smooth flight home, or is the island considered 'home' now? Good luck with the jet lag.

  4. Nice looking hat,
    Congratulations for keeping up with your goal.