Thursday, February 22, 2018

Three Things

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1 :: I took this picture in a local shop. These are American sheet sets, but in the Netherlands (and Curaçao) we usually just state one or two person size and measurements. This is so helpful, so thoughtful and so wrong. ;-)

2 :: Iguanas. We sort of like them. Not as a pet, but we don't mind seeing them in the wild. Fascinating creatures.
I had a chance to eat one last Sunday, but I chickened out and ordered beef stew ;-)

3 :: Since we've arrived here I've been using this hairbrush. I love it. It gets tangles out really easy. Even when I have undone my braid to let my hair dry after a swim in the ocean (so salt and wind have been doing their thing with it), it doesn't hurt to brush it out. I wish I had had this brush a lot earlier!
I decided to have a pixy cut a few years ago, after staying on Curaçao for a month. My hair was just too dry and damaged by the salt and the wind to keep it long. But I never really liked the short hair on me and let it grow out. I hope this brush will save me from having to cut it off again.


  1. Wow! That iguana photo is amazing! I'm not much on reptiles (iguanas are reptiles, right??) but he's beautiful!

  2. Still chuckling over the sheet-sizing sign! :-)
    The iguana is really quite something! When we spent some time in Belize, we would run into them from time to time on walks. They always freaked me out (because SURPRISE!), but I also found them fascinating. (Not so much on the eating them, though. . . )

  3. 1. Oh, My!
    2. I don't think I've ever seen one that close, it's kinda neat.
    3. It's the simple things that add to our happiness.

  4. I usually have my hair just above the shoulders but I've let it grow to touch the shoulders because of the gym and needing a solid ponytail for my concentration... love your iguana.

  5. I think they're reptiles, yes. I don't like most reptiles either, but iguanas really are beautiful

  6. Ha, yes, they can appear out of nowhere. Though most we see are sunbathing or hiding.

  7. 1. Ha, yes. 2. They are neat, aren't they. And they're all different. 3. Indeed!

  8. I was going to have it cut to above the shoulders when we left, but then I realized I needed to be able to braid it because of the wind around here. So now I'm just letting it grow until it feels too long. I can't do ponytails, they give me headaches.

  9. hello my friend.
    i have missed you -
    we don't have internet in our new house yet - just the data on my cellphone - but i read and comment on blogs so much more easily when i have a computer screen and keyboard.
    i also write my own blog when i have a computer screen and keyboard . . . i am looking forward to getting internet service at home (and maybe to purchasing a new laptop or other computer - with a real keyboard!)
    anyway - the bedsheet sign is so funny! (sometimes, when the kids were really little, there were 4 of us in the kingsize bed. ha!)
    and oh- sun and wind and sea - that sounds lovely just now!

  10. Oh, I understand. I can't do anything on my phone, except maybe a quick scan of blogs and even that is really hard for me. I do look at your instagram sometimes, but I don't have an account (we made the decision to stay away from/get rid of anything owned by FB), so I can't comment there.
    Hope you get things sorted in the new house soon. I do miss your blogposts ;-)