Monday, February 12, 2018

Making, right now

Right now I'm making...

:: hats

Of course.
I sort of lost count and I don't have much time this morning (this is just a quick update), but I think I'm still on track or even ahead with my 52 hats challenge. I have been knitting almost everyday, despite all the other things I've been working on this week

:: home

Last week, we moved. We're no longer staying at our friends'. It was all quite sudden, but we rented a small (tiny) apartment in a neighborhood we've loved ever since we first visited the island. It's a long term rent, for at least a year. And yes, that does mean that living here permanently is becoming more and more a real thing. I'll talk some more about that later.

:: rhythm

I find myself going back and forth between vacation mode and stressing out. Last week I was supposed to work on the bookkeeping and taxes, but we spent three days packing, moving, shopping and cleaning (I can't feel at home somewhere if I haven't cleaned it myself - I know, it sounds like OCD and maybe it is).
Still, I managed to finish the things I really needed to do, so now I can move on to finding a rhythm that includes writing (both blogs and fiction) in my weekly routines, while still leaving room for impromptu beach visits and other fun stuff.

It's funny to find that my routines here aren't all that different from the ones I had back in Holland. I still do most of my cleaning on Mondays (got to get that over with asap) and the weekly bookkeeping on Tuesdays (need to make sure I get to that every week). Wednesdays are for grocery shopping, leaving me two days for the rest.

Oh! Writing this makes me see where my thinking is off. It seems my weeks are very full, but in fact they're not. Cleaning, book keeping and grocery shopping doesn't take all day. I have most of the afternoons free for other things to do. I think I need to start viewing my days in AM and PM to get a better idea of my planning. Will be working on that...

For now I'm wishing you all a great week.

Bon Siman! (as they say here on Monday - it means  "good week" and I love how positive that is compared to the "I hate Mondays" attitude so many people seem to adopt nowadays)

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  1. I am jealous of you knitting outside! With single digit temps here it's not happening for months. Hope you are settling in your new place.

  2. Love the yarn!
    I sat outside in the sun for a while this afternoon,
    sure felt good in Sacramento, CA

  3. congrats on finding a permanent place to stay while you are there!

  4. Congrats on the apartment. How exciting!
    I used to have a cleaning schedule and it worked so well. Then life got to hectic & unpredictable and a schedule just didn't work. So now, I keep putting everything off until it reaches emergency status. Ugh. I miss my schedule!

  5. Yes, that's the great thing about our living here. We spent most of our days outside and we're loving it.

  6. Thanks, I love that color too. California also sounds like a good place to be. Although I heard about fires... but sitting outside in February is great!

  7. Thanks! I'll try to do a little tour soon. It's tiny, but it feels like home ;-)

  8. Thanks! It is.
    I love my schedule. I really like not having to think too hard about what to do next. And if I fall of the wagon I can just pick up where I left off and know everything will fall right back into place after a week or so...