Monday, February 26, 2018

52 hats:: 7 - Ribbed Rib Hat (free pattern)

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It's rather simple, but I like it. It's the kind of hat my husband likes to wear. I even think I'll pack it into our carry-on luggage for him if the weather in Holland keeps doing what it's doing now (so cold! so happy to be away from it!).

Want to make one too? You can downlaod the free pattern here

Please tell me if there is anything unclear or wrong with it. I'd also like to hear from you if you actually make a hat with this pattern ;-)

Making, right now:

I actually finished hat #8, but I still have to take pictures of it (It's not easy to take pictures of hats on your own head. I need to find myself a mannequin head model or something like that (the one I linked doesn't ship to CuraƧao, but maybe I will be able to find one in Holland)

Working on hat #9 now. It's not going smoothly, this one, but maybe I want it to be too perfect. So right now I'm practicing the art of letting go of perfection... ;-)

This Wednesday I'll be hosting my monthly Mad Hatters' Link Party. Feel free to visit and post any hats you made last month.

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  1. Great hat! Thanks so much for the free pattern. Hope #9 gets its act together & behaves for you.

  2. I like your hat,
    adding the pattern to my list.

  3. Thanks! #9 never really started to behave, but I finished it this morning and it does look acceptable. That will have to do ;-)

  4. beautiful hat and that blue yarn in the basket is cheerful and springy :)

  5. Thanks. And yes, I felt a need for color. Luckily I brought this yarn (and some soft green) among all the muted colors and dark blues.

  6. Thanks for joining in with March Ginx Woolly Linx Party It makes me cheer when I see you have joined in with your knitted hats, as I get so many more crochet links. 3 cheers for knitting!