Tuesday, February 20, 2018

52 hats :: 5 + 6 - Two of a kind

My fifth and sixth hat were two variations on the same pattern, a slouchy one and a normal fit.

The first one had me knitting on the edge. This was all the yarn I had left to finish it... (and that was after cheating on decreases on the top: I skipped a few rows I should have knit to make it flatter).

Anyway, It actually turned out nice, I think. I added two rows of YO and two rows purls to give it a bit more movement and texture and that worked out great.

I liked that texture so much I decided to use it on the next hat too. Same yarn, different color. Shorter brim and no increasing after the brim, but the rest is the same. I thought I'd like this one better, but it seems slouchy hats are growing on me cause I prefer the slouchy one.

Which one do you like best? And what are you up to these days? Any hats?

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  1. I like the slouchy one. I am making preemie/newborn hats for my 52 challenge, with a few adult thrown in here and there.

  2. Thanks! I may bet tempted to try and make it into a real pattern one of these days...

  3. I'm all for the slouch, I believe it keeps my head warmer with all that extra hat hanging. Maybe I'm wrong but I perceive warmth!! and I like the way it looks on my head.

  4. Great hats! Great colors!

  5. I think a slouch does keep your head warmer too. I also like the way it adds something to my head, instead of making it look egg-shaped ;-)