Wednesday, January 3, 2018

{Yarn along} a hat, romance and DIY

20180103 015 (Custom)

Knitting :: a hat. Of course. Though I still don't think it would be wise to commit to the idea of making a hat a week, I did start one. So who knows? I really like that yarn (a thrift store find). It's a dark, but rich blue linen/cotton blend. It may end up as a gift for my father. And yes, that would mean a good start for another knitting goal.

Reading :: a romance novel. I like it. It's a fun, simple read. But I'm intrigued by the fact that though the author is Dutch, the characters and the setting are British/Australian. It reads like a translated novel and I think that's a good marketing choice (we Dutch tend to prefer foreign authors). Something to think about for my next novel I guess... (a quick internet search on the author reveals that her next books are set in Holland though. So maybe it didn't work out the way I thought it would.)

I'm also reading Young House Love. I have read their blog for years, but never bought any of the books (no budget). I was very happy to discover both books are included in the e-book "library" I recently subscribed to. I have to admit, a book like this is probably not really suitable for an e-reader, but it's good enough for a bit of browsing. I think I'll try reading it on my computer next, especially if it turns out I want to try some of the DIY projects in it. Linking up with Ginny of Small Things' Yarn along


  1. That yarn has a lovely shine to it, it's going to be very glamorous when you've finished it! xx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my knitted car. I would love it if you would join my new monthly woolly link party I don't mind if you link a previous post.

  3. I think "knit every day" is a healthier goal. I too feel like it clears my head. I'm going to try a hat a week until it's no fun anymore ;-)

  4. you could make a hat a week but if it's fun and not a stressful goal. I am doing my best to carve pockets of time to knit every day. So far I am succeeding in this goal. My life feels so much better when I knit and clean out my wispy cobwebs in my head.