Three things

I've been seeing a few of these "Three on Thursday" posts around, read them and went my merry way, but yesterday it finally hit me. Three. I can do that!
You see, I love blogging, but I tend to set my goals too high, fail miserably and usually quit blogging altogether. I was thinking about doing a ten things or a right now post each Friday and share 7 pictures (one for each day) in the same post. But it already started weighing on me. But three. I can do three. Three random things, three pictures. Totally doable. (still trying to relax about stuff like this)
Also... I love linkups. Since I started participating in those I found so many fun blogs and nice people. Oh, and nice people finding me and my blog is wonderful too.
Three things.

1. This view. I'm sorry if these pictures of our view are boring you, but I just can't get enough of it.

2. This cat. He decided to be ours during our stay. He's a funny little fellow. We would take him home with us (the owners have too many cats and would happily part with this one) if only we knew where our home will be. We may be travelling a lot in the years ahead and we can't do that to him (or any other pet we considered giving a home lately).

3. We went for a swim last Sunday. I actually forgot how good that feels. So silly. The lists of pros (it's a mental list for now, but I'm considering writing down all the pros and cons of living on this island) is growing.

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  1. Oh, my! What beautiful views! (And especially as I sit here, looking out my window at more snow and grey skies and cold.) Thanks for sharing. :-)

  2. Beautiful photos!
    I think Three on Thursday is my fav weekly post because it's so simple to do. There's no rules, except 3 things, they don't have to be related & I don't even have to have photos. (Photos are the bane of my existence.)

  3. Oh, those watery blues... not boring at all!

  4. You're welcome! We're happy that our friends were willing to share their home in this stunning location (on top of a mountain) with us for our stay.

  5. I like that there are no rules. Photography is one of my other passions (along with writing and knitting), so I don't mind adding photos. I can get too involved in finding the perfect one though...

  6. Good to hear ;-) These views make me wish I could paint, but it's better I stick to photos instead (trust me, I can't draw or paint).

  7. maybe you will have lots of friends who will take care of your cat :) maybe... lovely scenes and wishing you much happiness while you decide where you will be forever.

  8. They are, aren't they? We're so happy to be able to stay here for a while.

  9. Maybe we will ;-) Thank you. Still worried (got some not so good news from home this morning), but also feeling so happy to be here.


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